What We Do


Turbine Engine Center, Inc., a subsidiary of Odyssey Engines, LLC, is a commercial aircraft engine maintenance, repair, overhaul facility (TEC). TEC provides Odyssey with a unique position to take advantage of the growing aerospace market by providing its own maintenance on all engines in the Odyssey portfolio.

Turbine Engine Center, Inc., offers maintenance for the CFM56-3, and -7, Pratt & Whitney JT8D series engines as well as for commercial and military applications. We provide an in house Test Cell for JT3D and JT8D engine (CFM capabilities coming June 2019).

Since its inception, TEC has maintained a superior commitment to quality and service, providing maintenance programs to meet any customer needs. Our services include fan repair, test cell run, field service, compressor repair, turbine repair, hospital repair, complete engine overhaul, engine sales or leasing.

We have a unique combination of marketing, technical and financial expertise which enables us to tailor engine overhauls and maintenance programs that enhance customer competitiveness and ensure customer satisfaction. Our leasing solutions are tailor made, created for every customers need. We also have the ability to provide leased engines, during engines repairs or leasing programs for your fleet.

This continuing commitment to excellence is focused on extending customers on-wing performance with reduced cost and downtime, ensuring our customers receive timely delivery, professional technical support, traceable approved parts, and detailed source documentation at competitive prices. This is our pledge: to ensure all work is done correctly, on time, all the time.

We are conveniently located near Miami International Airport.